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5 Kitchen Must Haves

When we design your dream kitchen it is crucial to understand what you like or don’t like. However there are some features that are great in any home. Our showroom manager Brani wants to share her kitchen must-haves she can’t live without. Helping all her family enjoy their kitchen space and why it can work for yours too.

How to style your Kitchen

Once your kitchen renovation is completed it can take some time to get comfortable with the space and be ready to style it. The kitchen is a hub of activity for all the family so whatever the layout or size its important to consider how you will use the room.

BOXLIFE Collection Explored

Boxlife is a collection created by Scavolini and Rainlight International studio. Their creative director Yorgo Lykourio describes it as ‘… the same setting can simultaneously become different spaces, the coexistence of each component with the others, this is Boxlife. Made to adapt to the needs of attentive clients who are using their homes as a place to do more than ever’.

Choosing your colour pallet

When choosing your colour pallet you need to first consider the room you are decorating.

From our family to yours

April has been a strange and difficult month for all of us. We have been using our homes like never before, spending all our time there. Not going out socially, working from home, schooling our kids and only communicating with family & friends online has been a huge adjustment for many.

Sustainability to Consider

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Plants make the Home

Have you ever thought of putting a nice plant in the kitchen? There are numerous benefits of having plants in your home, not only for aesthetic reasons. Plants purify the air, they enliven the house and they affect our living spaces in a healthy and positive way.

5 Tips for bathroom design

Remodelling any room in your house can be complex especially if it includes plumbing! We love working on clever bathroom designs to create great spaces of wellbeing. So here are some design features we suggest to make your bathroom headache free in the future.

A look in to our Mill Hill Project

We shared a recent Past Project with you on social and it has continued to turn heads so we thought we'd delve a little deeper in to the motivations behind the design and give you the specifics of what we used incase you feel inspired to transform your own space.

Tips to keep your kitchen tidy & clutter free

We spend the majority of our time in the kitchen, whether it is preparing food or socialising and we hate having to tidy up after. Below you will find our tips to keep the area in top condition for longer without even realising it.

5 Common Kitchen Layouts

Your kitchen layout plays a huge role in the overall outcome of your kitchen remodel. Style, colour and even materials come second to the overall functionality of your kitchen layout.

5 Things to Consider for Open Plan Living

Open planning living is a great way to make the most of small space or one that needs to serve more than one purpose. Our collections transition perfectly from kitchen to living and back again. Here are the top things to consider when planning your new space.
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