Italian Bathrooms London from Scavolini

Italian Bathrooms London from Scavolini
Italian Bathrooms London from Scavolini

We at MultiLiving are luxury bathroom designers dedicated to crafting custom interiors that fit your home and your style

We’re partners with leading Italian bathroom designer SCAVOLINI, and our bathroom showroom in North London is the UK’s flagship SCAVOLINI store. With our passion and innovation for bathroom design, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Bathroom Showroom

Specialists in Italian Bathroom Design

Bathrooms have the toughest job in the house. They should be both relaxing and functional, clean yet durable, and – on top of all of that – aesthetically stunning. How do you pull off a room like this? Fortunately, the design team at MULTILIVING have spent many years creating luxury, practical bathrooms for our customers. We know what it takes to design and install the perfect bathroom for your home.

When developing a new design for your bathroom, we let your life and your home inspire us. What do you need from your bathroom? How much space do you have to work with? How many family members use this bathroom on a regular basis? How well does your home handle humidity? We ask all these questions and more when we first discuss designs with you for your bathroom.

As specialists in Italian bathroom design, we can create gorgeous bathrooms for private homes, show homes, investment properties, penthouse apartments, country estates, and everything in between.

To understand what it’s like living with a SCAVOLINI bathroom, we encourage you to come to our showroom in North London to see our bathroom models for yourself. You can see and feel the materials we work with in person, as well as ask our consultants your questions directly. By working with our consultants, we’ll find the harmony that is so essential for any bathroom.

At MULTILIVING, we want everyone to live in their dream home. We’re proud to help our customers achieve beautiful homes with SCAVOLINI, a world-leading Italian bathroom, kitchen, and living room furniture manufacturer.

Luxurious Italian Bathroom Projects

We have over 40 models to choose as the basis for your bespoke Italian bathroom design. These models aren’t pre-fabricated, ready-made bathrooms. The models we have are fully customisable – we encourage you to take our examples and tailor them to your style! We can help you visualise the many options for your bathroom as well. We guarantee that you’ll never fall short on options, due to the wide range of SCAVOLINI designs available.

SCAVOLINI bathrooms offer superior architecture and functionality, allowing our specialists to supply Italian bathrooms, made in London, that fit any home. Our materials and furnishings can accommodate traditional or contemporary styles, creating clean lines that accentuate your space.

With our decades of experience in the bathroom design industry, we understand how to combine these elements to develop a balanced, refined home bathroom.

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Visit Our North London Showroom for a Design Consultation

At the Multi Living showroom, we employ some of the most innovative and dedicated Italian bathroom designers. They love sharing their passion for luxurious, functional design with you, and are ready to help you realise your vision. A working partnership that prioritises your style and your needs begins as soon as you walk through our showroom door.

Bathrooms are an essential part of the home, but their functionality shouldn’t be overshadowed by style. It’s possible to marry the height of practicality with the peak of luxury to create a refined bathroom that you’ll love for years to come. When you visit our showroom and speak with one of our consultants, we’ll take the time to get to know you. First-class customer service is also a passion of ours, because we believe each person is as unique as their home.

By understanding who you are and what visions you have for your bathroom, we can pull together a design that expresses your identity and individuality. Our design process is stress-free – we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed at any point. Instead, we want you to be excited about the prospect of getting a new space, so we handle all the complicated details for you. You are our priority from the consultation phase through to the final installation of your new bathroom.

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At MULTILIVING, we’re driven by value

Not only do we want to increase the value of your property with a sensational new bathroom, but we believe in improving your overall quality of life. A new bathroom isn’t something to just look at. You have to use it every day, and it should make you feel relaxed and comfortable, not stressed out and disappointed.

Our surroundings have a tremendous impact on our mood – our homes most importantly. Consequently, we take designing a new space for your home seriously.

The MULTILIVING process happens in three stages. The first is visiting our SCAVOLINI showroom in West Hampstead, putting together exciting ideas for your new Italian bathroom, and creating a quotation package. Next, we use cutting-edge 3D technology to do a virtual walkthrough of your new bathroom, including drawings and an itemised quote. We don’t move forward until we have your approval, and will gladly do onsite service drawings of your home to obtain the most thorough assessment possible.

We provide you with an itemised quote, then, if you’re happy with the design, we move to the final stage, when we begin construction work on your new dream bathroom.

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