IN SEASON: Cooking at Home

It is a wonderful time of year for bountiful fresh produce here in the UK, there is truly a rainbow of ingredients on offer to brighten up your cooking.

Whether you enjoy the local greengrocer, your Sunday farmers market or are perhaps a keen grower yourself; delve into our post about making the most of seasonal cooking and the features you will want to enjoy it even more. Let’s start with unpacking; perhaps you have some wild garlic, fennel, beans, definitely some fresh berries? what would Summer be without British Strawberries after all. Take them to the sink for a good rinse. Blanco Sinks can be accessories with a colander basket, a stylish accessory for preparing your produce or to assist with washing up. Leave to drain naturally whilst not taking up any extra counter space.

If you like growing your own herbs on the windowsill or even outside; consider the perks of bringing those in to your kitchen design. Having dedicated space or features for fresh herbs or even other greenery can soften the space. If you are looking for tips for which plant thrive in your home check out this post. You’ll find our showroom manager has a bit of a green thumb too, so chat to Brani on your next visit to the showroom too for more plant lovers chat.

Herb & preparation baskets are just one option on the MIA wall unit; you can also choose any combination of bottle & knife racks, shelves, kitchen roll holder, hooks and even a food warming lamp. Lighter dishes might be all you can manage in the summer heat or perhaps more late night meals also require a special touch. An oven with a steam function is excellent choice for healthy fish and vegetable dishes.

Siemens make some of the best appliances on the market and come with part & full steam functions that helps prepare healthy and tasteful dishes. When top demo chef Jo demonstrates for us in West Hampstead she has prepared canapés, fresh breads, toasties, premium dips, one dish risotto, pulse microwaved cauliflower, steamed salmon, fresh asparagus and prawns. The best flavours and textures are all possible with Siemens Ovens & Dual Mircowaves and the digital technology helps make cooking easy to produce.

COOKING TIP Investing in your key kitchen appliances and consider digital options which added functionality brings a whole new depth to cooking. Another top appliance pick is a multiple zone fridge/freezer. That allows you to choose and adjust the temperature of each section of your appliance to adjust to your ingredients. Dual zone features can be possible in a range of brands, sizes and styles. Make it a feature of your next kitchen.


To elongate your berries season consider making your own punchy chutney or jam. Made easier by a boiling water tap which can be used to sterilise your jars quickly and easily.

A Quooker smart tap continues to be our most asked for features in the kitchen. Producing hot, cold, boiling and even sparking water. There are lots of styles and added features to choose from to suit your needs. And are more cost effective as you use just what you need, rather than over boiling the kettle or over running the tap.


In true summer fashion; take your cooking and dining alfresco with the latest addition from Scavolini, Formalia Outdoor! The first kitchen designed for the outdoors and not just a simple barbecue station but dynamic, multifunctional structures that make spending time together outdoors more enjoyable.


After you have enjoyed your adventure into seasonal cooking, share what you have been making with us.   Multiliving can supply a host of appliances from brands such as Siemens, SMEG & Miele and incorporate them in to your home. We offer a full design service from sourcing to installation so get in contact today to discuss more.

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