Bathroom Renovation tips

Smart ways to manage your bathroom renovation without sacrificing its style or performance.

Renovating your bathroom will make a huge difference to your home. Not only is it a space we use every day, it’s also a room that can add major value to your home. But we all have a budget to work towards and it can be hard to know how to spread out the cost to create a beautiful lasting bathroom. Read these clever tips and tricks for managing your bathroom renovations.

Get creative with surfaces

Upgrade a standard inset tub by creating a feature bath panel. Clad the space around your tub with tiles or similar surface material to suit your scheme, including the panel and surrounding ledges and walls. It creates opulence and can also zone the area without having to tile the entire space.

Take advantage of a design consultation

Take advantage of our initial design consultation offered to highlight your bathroom renovations tasks and costs from the beginning, we can offer a full selection of surfaces from functional to glamourous. We can also offer finance options, find out more here.

Consider the long term

It’s worth investing in quality taps and shower fittings to ensure that you get great performance over many years. Remember your bathroom gets daily use, so consider cost per use.  And ask us about your water and energy-saving feature options to minimise your utility bills going forward!

TIP Consider maintenance (cleaning!)too, matt surfaces show limescale less so perfect for high traffic spots like around the sink.

Storage is your friend

This is a must to reconsider in every bathroom renovation project. An excellent solution is to build in a niche for storage in the shower or bath to keep toiletries near by. Adding a wall cabinet will not take any extra floor space but will help you organise and separate item especially in shared bathrooms like the family bathroom.

Follow your footprints

In some homes the bathroom layout cannot be modified massively, also a way to minimise unnecessary building work you canstick to your current bathroom layout can still transform your space. Especially if you are really happy with how your bathroom works now but want a fresh style, instead focus instead on the furniture and finishes.

Lighting adds atmosphere

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to create varied lighting in the bathroom to satisfy all your needs. Task light around the sink /mirror caters for grooming and make-up needs; whilst ceiling light handle everyday needs. Quite important lights not to forget in a bathroom are those to simply relax to in the bath or use when taking a shower at the end of a long day, an excellent solution is adding LED strips in the storage niches for a subtle glow.

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