Luxury Kitchen Styles – Modern, Contemporary and Italian

Designing a kitchen requires the right combination of function, style, and accessibility, depending on your unique tastes and preferences.

The kitchen is where your family feels most at home and spends their best times together. No wonder kitchen design plays a very important role in not just making your dream home space come to life, but also in ensuring your peace of mind for years to come.

But deciding on the right design option for your kitchen may get confusing sometimes – especially when you are asked whether you will choose either modern or contemporary design for your dream Italian kitchen.

In this blog post, we explain what are the basic differences between modern and contemporary kitchen design and why your dream luxury kitchen needs a truly Italian design.

Modern Kitchens and Contemporary Kitchens

Modern and contemporary kitchen design options are different but also similar in some ways. In fact, you will often see them used synonymously on some online blogs and forums. The reason for this is that both styles are new and modernistic.

However, when it comes to interior design, these two are quite different. So, let’s clear the confusion by understanding how exactly they differ!

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchen design is a specific design movement that’s influenced by the past (the early 20th century). What sets the modern design apart from other styles is its modernity accompanied by sophistication. If you visualise the fashion and architecture in Italy and its gorgeous, sleek look, it will give you a glimpse of modern Italian design.

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchen design is all about using a sleek, minimalist layout that’s typically characterised by dark wooden cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and white countertops. 

Modern Kitchens vs. Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary design is more artistic in nature than other Italian kitchen designs, allows for more freedom when it comes to creativity, and emphasis is laid on the latest trends and technology. It’s worth noting that contemporary kitchens can also be modern, just as they can have elements of other popular styles. On the other hand, purely modern designs follow stricter guidelines.

In modern kitchens, you will typically notice a full-height stone backsplash along with some ornamentation, apart from the use of glass, mosaic, and ceramic tiles. On the contrary, you will find a lot of unique patterns in contemporary kitchens, since this type of design lets the homeowners express themselves using their creativity, but with minimalism in mind.

What Makes Italian Kitchen Design Unique?

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind at the mention of the word “Italian Design” is: luxury, elegant, modern. Having said this, Italian kitchens can also be traditional or contemporary.

What About Traditional Italian Kitchen Design?

Even though all Italian designs are influenced by the past in some ways, traditional Italian design is more rustic, and typically includes natural, outdoor elements such as stones, terracotta, and wood. However, anything that looks sleek or modern may not fit in with a traditional Italian kitchen. This is why if you are all about function, style, luxury, and accessibility, you should go for modern or contemporary designs.

Final Thoughts

The choice between contemporary and modern design is ultimately yours, depending on what suits your personal needs and style the best. Or perhaps, go for the one that instantly makes your heart leap, as soon as you see it (more like love at first sight)?

However, if you need some guidance for your kitchen project, or in case you are looking for more modern or contemporary Italian kitchen design ideas, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help!

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