Siemens Appliances Demonstration

Siemens returned to the showroom to help you enjoy cooking at home.

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Siemens returned to our West Hampstead showroom for another fantastic cooking demonstration; an evening preparing a full menu of delights to taste. Siemens make some of the best appliances on the market and come with part & full steam functions that helps prepare healthy and tasteful dishes. Our top demo chef Jo prepared canapés, fresh breads, toasties and premium dips upon arrival and was introduced by our showroom manager Brani before talking through the possibilities of steam cooking. Then for a questioning crowd she prepared a one dish risotto, pulse microwaved cauliflower, steamed salmon, fresh asparagus and prawns. The best flavours and textures are all possible with Siemens appliances and the digital technology to help make cooking it easy to produce.

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