Tips to keep your kitchen tidy & clutter free


Keep it Minimal – Keeping your essentials or favourite trinkets on your countertop might seem practical but it creates clutter quickly. Instead leave yourself more room for prep work and you’ll feel more motivated to wipe down the counters without having to move things first. Does your kitchen have all the storage you need? Or perhaps you chose to include hidden worktops? Both are great design features for a clean kitchen.

Revaluate what you have – When you go to fit items in the cupboard this is also a good time to evaluate if everything is needed or fits in the right places. Throw out, donate or sell things that don’t bring you happiness.

Start with it Clean – Might seem a little mean but before you make more mess clean it up first. If you make a bigger job for yourself your more likely to not want to tackle it. And Clean while you Wait. Lots of cooking involves some waiting around so use that time wisely, empty the dishwasher or wipe down the counter tops. You’ll be surprised that all the little 2 minute jobs can get done without any extra time spent.

What’s your most hated kitchen cleaning task? Ours has to be the oven clean. We are really impressed with the new line of Siemens Steam Ovens which have a self cleaning function. One press of a button and the number one job is done whilst you enjoy your dinner at the table.

The Sink is Key – The most likely culprit of mess! Some advice: let the water out of the sink right away, it’s easier to clean. And clean it well afterwards with a citrus based cleaner, no food scraps or rogue spoons left. It is worth it to avoid mess and smells building up.

Separate food/recycling – As we all try to be more mindful in 2020 separating your rubbish should be on your mind which needs to start at food prep. Instead of leaving food scraps on the counter put them in a dedicated bowl, this way you don’t have to wipe more mess and its easier to dispose of all together to the composter or food disposal. Also with less food in the bin your more likely to notice packaging that could go to the recycling. Having dedicated bins for each is possible with lots of in-cupboard solutions including under the sink. Or If the space allows invest in one of the waster disposals which reduces your food waster to almost nothing.

A place for Everything – So simple but put things back where they came from saves you time and clean up. This is made easier with custom drawers, basket organisers/separators, modular wall shelving to fit any space and our excellent design teams making the most of your space.

Our last bit of advice; have set days and times for doing certain things, forgetfulness is the main reason for not getting things done. Say you empty the dishwasher every morning or mop the floor on Thursdays by setting yourself a routine it becomes second nature instead of put off till last.

Happy Tidying up!

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