Plants make the Home


Have you ever thought of putting a nice plant in the kitchen? There are numerous benefits of having plants in your home, not only for aesthetic reasons. Plants purify the air, they enliven the house and they affect our living spaces in a healthy and positive way.

We love having plants in our showroom and get ours from PATCH a plant delivery service that has all sorts of varieties and sizes to suit. They also have tones of advice to keep those plants alive, so it’s perfect for those lacking in green thumbs.

Ferns are great plants that need a humid environment, happy in the kitchen where the temperature stays constantly warm. They emit a pleasant fragrance and likes diffused sunlight. You can style them all over the place; in a simple plant pot on the windowsill, placed on open shelving between your favourite glassware or in a pot stand in a quiet corner.

Trailing plants are a very interesting element to any design, use them in hanging plant pot or high shelves. Most varieties only need light watering and low light; likes a steamy bathroom or give them a misting weekly to stay healthy. It comes in lush green and a variegated variety to suit your need for colour or a desired softer effect.

These modern herb boxes are a feature of our MIA collections wall system. Add them anywhere to your design and use them for conventional herbs or switch to using them for storage. Plants can fit in to a room low or high; where other products would look strange a plant can go just about anywhere and be at home.

Snake plants are a superb plant for the bedroom because they store oxygen during the day, then releases it all at night. Plants in the bedroom help with a more restful nights sleep and are known to improve your mood. They like light conditions and appreciate being dusted but otherwise are perfect for an easy introduction to keeping plants.

Large palms are made for living spaces and hard to fill corners. Make a statement in addition to your furniture choices by choosing a big leafy friend to bring personality and life. Palms make people take notice adding exotic notes to any interior design and have been a favourite of royalty, first class hotels and botanical fans since Victorian times.

Do not be afraid be more experimental with plants and to include them in your living spaces . Which plants do you like the look of? Fancy styling your space with a nod to greenery? Bring the outdoors in to your homes and remember you can always visit our West Hampstead showroom to talk plants and your home with us at Multiliving.

TOP TIP Turn your plant around regularly so they grow evenly on all sides.

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