Moodboard your dream look


The perfect way to visualise your project, choose a style that will grow with you and help us find a collection to match your needs. Sharing examples of both digital and collage boards to inspire you and keep you motivated to create your dream room.

A mood board is just a collection of images, colour, textures and patterns that inspire you – this can be anything from a picture clipped from a magazine, to photos taken when you’re out and about. It’s a brilliant tool to help you discover your own sense of style, as well as being a great way to help others understand your ideas. If you generally struggle to pinpoint your style then a mood board is a good way to help you focus your ideas – think of it as your personal scrapbook of design inspiration.

There are several ways to get started; but before that you have to decide if you want to make a digital or physical moodboard. Do you prefer surfacing the internet for images or flicking through magazines? The best place to start is with a style you like; whether it is country kitchen or nature friendly bathroom choosing the theme of the room gives your research structure. Look at a few then narrow it down using key words like traditional or modern, minimal or decorative.

You can choose items of colour, pattern, texture, brands, textiles or accessories. Use them as search terms or pick them out of images, small details to make up your dream room. If you are building a physical moodboard you can get paint swatches, tile samples & more or find an image online and print it off. Take your own pictures at showrooms or shops to include the latest styles in your thought process.

Once you start collecting pieces of inspiration, display them somewhere you see everyday. Look back at the moodboard and ask yourself if you still really like each idea, if your not totally convinced discount that piece. Once you start discounting ideas that won’t work you’ll be left with your core thoughts.

Once you are happy with your selection it’s time to share it! Print off a copy or bring a digital copy with you to the showroom and share it with a member of our design team. We can help you turn your thoughts in to a cohesive scheme; with just the right collection for all your needs. The beauty of moodboards are they can be fully customised for your needs. There’s no limit to what you can include or how you include it – so get those creative juices flowing.

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