How to style your Kitchen


Whether a countertop coffee station is perfect for displaying your favourite mugs or choosing to add a rug to soften a clean cut breakfast nook.

We hope by sharing some top tips and shopping suggestions for simple elegant home spaces you’ll feel inspired by Italian design furniture & products. We are proud stockist of Scavolini kitchens, Seletti homeware and more well-known quality brands.

Fresh flowers & produce is always a good idea. Display them on the counter or open shelving to bring out the worktop surfaces and give them life (literally). Most spaces benefit from greenery the kitchen is no exception. Add a cut herb pot to a sunny spot easily at hand or experiment with different ferns or happy humid plants in different spaces. Find more plant tips in this inspiration post >>

On show items also need to be practical too many decorative pieces on show will mean your cupboards are going to be full and counters cluttered. Items like colourful cookbooks look great in small stacks, or storage jars for the at hand essentials think either tea/coffee or sugar/flour. Don’t clutter. Cluster. Arrange things in sets and stacks that please the eye. Inject some personality with items that are just yours and group them together. Whether it is by use or by colour find a system that works for you and have fun.

Lighting has a big impact on a space and could just be part of your original renovations or you can choose extra lighting when you start using the space. We love pendant lights over the island, above the table or a line down the centre of the space. Make a statement with a bold colour or match the lighting finish with the kitchen hardware for a cohesive look. Another option is a kitsch piece from Seletti you can choose from minimal white or bold gold and a selection of shapes from hearts to mice. They look great placed at eye line or even low or obscure spots to catch the eye with their soft exposed light bulbs.

Rugs! We love a rug and a gallery space calls out for a runner. When standing cooking for a long time it is preferable to be on something soft also you can add a splash of colour easily with a bold pattern.  Textiles also soften a space whether it is tablecloths or curtains make sure to embrace inviting textures.

Other available pieces you can get from us include bar stools, walk in wardrobes, flooring, tableware and more. We have a varied range of Seletti Collections available in our West Hampstead showroom alongside other select design and wellbeing brands. Book an appointment to come, browse and chat all things home with us.

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