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Here are some tips from us to help you be more relaxed in the month to come:

1. Look after your mental wellbeing

It has been hard for everyone but exceptionally so for families with children who now have to content with homeschooling. Working from home, managing the household and now also making sure that the kids don’t stop learning all together is the job for a gene.

All your need to do is your best and don’t feel guilty for just enjoying your time together. You are not alone; every household is different but we are all in this situation together. So take it easy, if you clean the house today or in a week’s time it is not the end of the world. Or if the kids have not been able to stay at the table today, it does not mean they will not succeed tomorrow. Just accept that things may not go as planned or as hoped.

Spend time together; play games, watch movies, enjoy your favourite music or simply talk about the future, each are tactics to distract our minds from the current situation.

2. Understand you physical wellbeing

As we all take our allotted physical exercise; which is so critical to keep our bodies healthy and there are so many free classes to help keep a routine, we must not forget to pay attention to our diet. What we eat plays a huge role in how we feel, from the emotions we experience to the energy we have.

You should be trying to eat a healthy diet, full of green vegetables, seeds and nuts to boost your immune system. Get experimenting with your cooking skills and use those dusty cookbooks normally pushed aside in favour of a take away menu. Most importantly expose yourself to sun when possible then supplement with good quality vitamins, minerals. Your health is so important right now.

3. Keep yourself busy

Creating small projects at home can be something simple, perhaps tidying up the cupboards; spring cleaning the living room or even planning a bigger renovation project can give you great satisfaction. There are many sources of inspiration on the internet from minimalist tips from guru Marie Kondo to interior design goals from Kelly Hoppen. You can also follow us for daily inspirations.

4. Concentrate on your personal development

There are hundreds of books to read on the topic, but now you finally have the time to concentrate on what you would like to do. Perhaps discovering a new hobby? Learning piano online, taking drawing lessons or perhaps polishing those language skills. Every achievements counts and setting yourself goals can also keep your mind occupied.

5. Laugh

Laughter is really the best medicine, it raises our heart rate and boost our immune system, also make us feel happier. Do we need to tell you a joke?

6. Stay connected.

It has never been easier to communicate with the whole world; thanks to the internet. We can play online bingo, hold quizzes with friends, create online house parties and even visit virtually galleries.

With all those options, you can use your imagination to share things with each other like never before. So with that in mind and to take you back to the start of this post we are sharing one of our favourite recipes not just with the team in the showroom but also in Brani & Peter’s family. Try it out and share your tasty treats with us.

It may sound like a cliché but we are like a family in the showroom. We realise the importance of creating a healthy environment where every opinion matters, especially when we spend one third of our lives at work (usually). So hello from the whole team (working remotely) and we hoping you are all staying safe and wish you good health!

We are here for you, only an email away.

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