Choosing your colour pallet


Bear in mind the natural light sources and how that changes throughout the day and the seasons. Ideally you would try to find a scheme that suits degrees of temperature and balanced colour with the rooms use.

Well lit rooms are perceived as voluminous so choosing a light colour scheme can replicate this in a dark space. If you like colour but don’t want to over power a room you can use coloured cupboards, accessories, single walls to infuse personality in to the space.  

So with that in mind lets explore the 5 main colour pallets and why each might work for your space.

1. Neutrals – Bright Whites & Warm Creams

Carattere Kitchen

A popular choice in any room, bright white across your walls and cupboards balanced out with a darker floor. Mix in different textures in the same shade to add depth and softness. Keeping your room furniture neutral appeals to a minimal mind and leaves you open to adding bursts of seasonal colour using tableware or plants.

2. Earthy Tones – Red bring the heat!

Libermente Kitchen

Red is a strong choice but can work for a professional space like this kitchen. Mixing analogous colours together (those that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, eg. Dark Red, Brown & Copper) creates a cohesive look in a large space. Using pops of the same colour across an open plan design can also have the same effect.

3. Blue Tones – Be Bold with accessories

Blue is a popular choice for happy kitchens. Hides everyday mess well and can work across large or small spaces. Works in a modern or classic theme whilst always looking fresh. If you don’t use it for you cabinet colours you still have the walls, shelves and accessories to consider.

4. Dark Tones – Isn’t just moody grey vibes.

Libermente Kitchen

Dark doesn’t have to mean drab. Grey tones are a very chic option especially for a kitchen space. You can mix shades across high and low cupboards, appliances and flooring to create interest. A great colour scheme for a masculine look and is perfectly finished with black fixtures and hardware.

5. Wood Grain – Going all Natural

Diesel Social Kitchen

For those who like the outside inside. Choose from life like melamine or soft to the touch real wood with an abundance of options in both. And we can help you compare the two. With plenty of pros for each, we will just mention a couple; extra hardwearing for high traffic spaces and can work on walls, floors, cabinets or countertops.

So are you a colour lover or a minimal fan. We hope we have given you a couple of ideas to consider. Talk to a member of our design team today to come up with your colour pallet, before you know it you’ll have a kitchen.

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