5 Tips for a stress-free project


Have a set Idea

Before you start any physical work make sure all your ideas are in place and order all the essential services, appliances and furniture. Changing plans half way through are what usually lead to headaches, or more work and equally more budget. Being really happy with your project before it even starts is the best way to make sure it turns out as good as you imagined.

Contact a Project Manager

Your project is going to be a hub of daily activity, if you have decided to not be present during the work hire a project manager to be responsible when you are not. There will always be questions that arise during works so having someone know and be able to confirm all aspects of your project will be vital. If you are acting as your own manager ask for regular updates and confirm important details before they are completed.

Choose one Company

If you want a truly seamless project having someone in charge of all aspect from design to installation is the ultimate solution. It doesn’t allow for any conflicting tradesman, duplicate plans or miscommunications. We at Multiliving can assist you in the complete design process, offer you the contact of our sister construction company for any building work and have our in-house installation team complete everything to final finish as trained trades men. It’s a deluxe full service worth find our more about over on our PROCESS page.


A key component of any successful project is communication. When handling your project yourself make a chronological to do list to keep track of what needs to happen when and who is involved at each step. There might be overlap with tradesman and letting everyone know could be helpful, maybe print your list off and tape it up on site.

Be realistic on Completion Date

By managing your expectations early on in terms of the works ahead you can avoid the ultimate stress … a late running project. Give yourself a 10 percent leeway if possible or come up with a backup plan like a stand in kitchen space or use of another bathroom just incase. There is almost no such thing as a perfect project just an easy one, leave yourself enough time to do the job well to avoid problems later.

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