5 steps to plan your new kitchen


1. Assess your space

Before you begin to plan a new design first lets look at the old one. Consider your existing space for features you like and dislike, maybe you have a cramped cooking space or not enough built in storage in the living room. This is your chance to improve how the space works and keep anything you know already works for you. Also think about your future lifestyle, maybe you have a growing family and will need a bigger dinning space you’ll be enjoying this makeover for years to come so think of your future needs.

If you are starting from scratch that’s great but most of us bring with us at least some clutter, now is a good time to prioritise what you use most and will be including in your new space and free yourself of the rest.

2. Moodboard your ideas

Your new design can be anything and customised to suit your home and personality. Here are some of our recommendations to get inspired. Look for trend tips and pictures of others homes to inspire you, you can also follow us to get more great ideas from Scavolini. Browse through brochures and magazines even scrapbooking photos to keep track of you favourite ideas. Get a downloadable copy of our CATALOGUE to see our latest collections or browse some of our own past projects to help imagine the possibilities.

3. Other work involved

To make way for the new design building work might be needed, for example plaster work or moving radiators so here are some things to consider. Plumbing and Gas can be costly so try to keep plumbing items together to save on labour costs.In that case you will only require dry fit installation which is part of our

PROCESS Or if you prefer everything can be taken care of in house by our sister company HADZHI BROS which can manage all areas of construction.

4. Contact a specialist

Once you have your idea and have any building tasks considered it’s time to bring in an architect to create the overall shell and a specialist company to help bring it all together. We offer a free design consultation service where you can visit our showroom and get to see samples and collections to match your requirements. We can help make decisions with you from decorative to functional and create a 3D plan of your design using our own bespoke software. We can organise everything from ordering to installation to helping to style your space.

5. Finishing details.

We are strong believers in quality details and have lots of options from worktops to cupboard handles, we work not just with kitchens, bathrooms and living furniture but dining tables, bar stools, lighting and flooring. Whatever you can dream up we can find something to suit your taste and need. It can be the smallest features that can bring the most happiness.

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