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Scavolini presents Flux Swing: the latest kitchen project by Giugiaro Design

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Magnifiaca by Gianni Pareschi living rooms
Scavolini presents Flux Swing: the latest kitchen project by Giugiaro Design

Flux Swing is the result of a partnership between Scavolini and Giugiaro Design that started ten years ago with the successful Flux model.  This project entails a dynamic concept designed to interpret the perfect rapport between the living room and the kitchen. As Giugiaro explains, Flux Swing represents “the kitchen as a functional and architectural complement to an extended setting, brimming with vitality, experience, experiments and relations. A flow of energy between rooms...“.

The pure shapes of the newly introduced elements enhance the highly sophisticated design of Flux Swing. The special shaping of the doors and joining elements; the exclusive integrated built-in hood; the Slide tape-like element that merges the kitchen with the living room; the sinuous silhouette of the breakfast counter and peninsula are the must-haves of this unique and innovative interior design solution.

Curved and linear base units create an effective balance of components, volumes and proportions, while new joining elements concealing  practical swivel baskets transform the corners into capacious storing spaces.

The clean-cut silhouette of the new shaped island, along with the exclusive curved end units, enhance the uber-modern design of the Flux Swing project.
Interesting new features include the shaped elements introduced on either side of the hood, which reiterate the styling trait of Flux Swing while joining the appliance with the wall units to melting perfection.
Last but not least, the Slide element, with its unprecedented sliding effect which drops from the wall units and embraces the living room base units, allows a perfect integration between kitchen and living.
Futuristic yet sensual, chic but functional, Flux Swing is the ideal solution for an open space kitchen becoming one with the social life areas of modern houses.