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5 Tips for bathroom design

Remodelling any room in your house can be complex especially if it includes plumbing! We love working on clever bathroom designs to create great spaces of wellbeing. So here are some design features we suggest to make your bathroom headache free in the future.
5 Tips for bathroom design

Design elements we recommend!

1. Create built in storage – To prevent having to fill your beautiful new space with baskets and clutter easily plan out all the storage you’ll need. From under the sink to hanging shelves there are solutions for every space.

2. Have a hidden cistern – More popular in each project we do now, hiding the cistern away gives you much needed floor space in small rooms but also creates a clean design for any style of bathroom.

3. Bigger tiles with less grout – Seems simple but now bigger tiles can be made less grout is needed, which means less maintenance in the long run. Another solution is wall panels, that come in a wide variety of finishes that are equally easy to clean and have line systems that work with modular storage options.

4. Matt materials to hide limescale – An advantage of matte finishes is that they do not show smudges and water marks as easily as gloss. This makes them ideal for the bathroom floor, especially in busy bathrooms.

5. Hide all waste services – Pipes! A common question that comes up with remodelling projects, can I hide away the services. So from moving pipes, closed in vanities, wall panels and shelving we will have a solution to create a clean space.

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