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5 Kitchen Must Haves

When we design your dream kitchen it is crucial to understand what you like or don’t like. However there are some features that are great in any home. Our showroom manager Brani wants to share her kitchen must-haves she can’t live without. Helping all her family enjoy their kitchen space and why it can work for yours too.
5 Kitchen Must Haves

Pantry Areas

We have all been falling in love with the American well-organised pantry cabinets of Pinterest but for us space is some times more limited. Our must is a larder with deep pull out drawers, spice racks installed inside pocket doors and add a pull out worktop for even more counter space.

You can also apply the pantry style but create an area all you; maybe a special coffee making station?

Waste disposal

Unless you have a garden space where you can compost your food waste, it makes huge sense to invest in a waste disposal. The food waste is grinded in to tiny particles that are then flushed out with the wastewater. The units are very smaller than you imagine and go right under the sink.

Integrated Bins

Fitted under the sink or in a separate cupboard, our bins all come with recycling compartments to minimise landfill waste. Even the prettiest bin on the plant gets in the way; it ends up hidden in corners or far away from the action. Avoid all of that and opt for a handy (literal handled) removable bin insert in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Also if you opted for a waste disposal unit as well the size of your bin will massively decrease. A family of four needing only a18-20l bin size.

Smart Water Tap

It is not a secret that we are big fans of hot water taps, especially Quooker for their safety features and as time is money these smart taps save you bundles. Boiling water for your fresh cuppa, added options for cold filtered and even sparkling water, even better for the environment as well as a happy kitchen.

Breakfast Area

A really interesting feature to integrate in to your cooking space… a dining space. We know it depends on the layout and size of your space but more seats always come in handy. Whether it allows the kids to have a casual breakfast or simply acts as a zone for welcoming cocktails for entertaining. Chose from a bar, an extra island or even just a contrasting surface to zone an area to make it special. And bar stools are great ways to add flair to a kitchen design. We have so much more to come on breakfast areas in a future blog post.

Our design team at Multiliving design kitchens for complete room renovations but also we can help source appliances, mediate installations and you can even shop homeware from us.

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